Verite_AB-2226 copyWe’ve stated our predilection for salt water as a form of renewing one’s soul and mortal body, but here’s to salt refueling our Joie do Vivre. A set table is unfulfilled without its presence, as are delicacies across cultures — Salt is practically an international language, with a labyrinth of history. It’s the basics of good taste. Until the 20th Century, salt bars were accepted as currency in Ethiopia. In China, this luxury was used in over-consumption as a ritual suicide for the superior.

Verite_AB-2237 copyEnvision figures knee deep in the ocean, grazing the reeds for this gastronomic vital that was once known as White Gold. You are in Guerande, France, and this practice feeds an industry of foodies. Then find yourself in the stretching shade of the Himalayan Mountains, where Pakistan is the biggest producer of Himalayan Pink Salt. Rich with minerals, and eye-catching in its rose hue, it’s made up of less sodium than regular table salt, and has the power to rid your body of toxins. Let us digress, it is a mineral of unfathomable powers. Allow this to be our ode to salt as it epitomizes flavor, beautification and of course, basics.

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