Pearl Dust | The Luxe Girls’ Diet Trick

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Photo by Ekaterina Belinskaya

Pearls aren’t just for good girls. We are thoroughly hooked on the power of this dainty dust as our new beauty weapon of choice. Pearl powder is rich in minerals containing calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, silicon, and many more. Consistent use of said fairy dust (both applied to skin and when ingested) can eliminate blemishes, support cellular restoration and slow the aging of skin. That’s why when we got wind of Moon Juice, the Los Angeles based wellness brand, and its jar of Pearl, we were ready to take on this ancient secret. Deemed one of the most precious elements for thousands of years, we adapted pearl powder into our diet, seeking that rarely natural outward glow. It can’t be too far off, after all it contains the antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, and amino acids needed to transform a grain of sand into a beautiful, lustrous gem.

Our wellness editor took on Moon Juice’s jar of fascination to create two special recipes from Vérité to you — the luxe girls’ diet trick.

Pearled Guacamole:

  • ripe avocado
  • fresh pressed garlic
  • Moon Juice Pearl
  • splash of lemon
  • Freshly chopped cilantro

Mermaid Matcha Smoothie:

  • frozen banana
  • Pure powdered matcha
  • nut milk
  • dates
  • coconut oil
  • Moon Juice Pearl



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