Editor Essentials | 12 Things That Are Clarifying Our New Year!

Editor Essentials | 12 Things That Are Clarifying Our New Year! NOW ON VERITE WOMAN, Vita Goods, Essential Oils, What does Bergamot essential oil do, what does cedar wood essential oil do, moonology, sunglasses, le labo, rose 31, alchemy of herbs, the power of now, elkhart tolle, ester perel, clarify, new year's resolutions, herbivore botanicals, dry winter skin treatments.With the best intentions you, me, and everyone else greet the new year readying to step into our higher selves. You would think as a cohesive collective it would make the transition seamless — however there are always a few bumps in the first month as we banish bad habits, and call in our best self. Personally, I’m pretty ready to embody my most Divine Feminine state and live my most cool, calm, collected life in the midst of creating content, and shipping Vérité Woman purchases. Let’s make this year a little easier, and keep each other accountable shall we? Here are my top 12 essentials for gaining clarity, and keeping my self-care on lock as I jump into 2018.

Vita Goods Cedarwood Essential Oil
Cedarwood is used to call in abundance, and for 2018 that’s sort of my thing. This essential oil has all kinds of practical uses as well, aside from smelling cozy, it aids with focus. It’s also an anti-inflammatory if you’ve been over-indulging over the holidays.

Vita Goods Bergamot Essential Oil
This beautiful scent goes with pretty much any other oil — it just seems to add a little extra life to any blend. However, it runs a whole lot deeper than just a good perfume high-note. This oil can work wonders for those finding themselves with some winter blues as a natural antidepressant. It can also be very useful if you find yourself with a seasonal cold as it fights congestion. I’m using it to energize my mornings as I set out for a happy, productive day.

Vérité Woman Sabina Sunglasses
Since I stocked these on the Vérité Woman shop, I haven’t stopped wearing these chic sunnies. It may not be the season, but it doesn’t matter — these beauties even look good on the slopes.

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
To gear up for a more focused, driven, and purposeful year I delved deep into Eckhart Tolle’s teachings. The Power of Now was suggested by a friend and could not have come at a more appropriate time. I realized I am plaguing myself by obsessing with the future, trying to set everything up for the unfolding of a perfect plan, stressing royally. The reality is the only time we can really be sure of is the moment we are in. I highly suggest this book for those who want to learn how to manage their obsessive thoughts, and owning self-fulfilling prophecies.  

Esther Perel’s Podcast Where Should We Begin
Esther Perel has long been a woman I admire greatly — so when I heard the relationship therapist had a new podcast out I couldn’t wait to binge. Only, I switched it on and was overwhelmed with all the feels. Emotions overload, this podcast touches on real people and the issues their marriages face — all common, relatable topics. It’s beautiful, and sad,  raw, and human. With warning, and a box of tissues I say go forth and learn a few things.

Health & Beauty Dead Sea Minerals – Powerful Cream – Olive & Honey 250ml
For years my mother has brought these products back from Tel Aviv with her — and during the holiday offers up the most luxe foot and hand massages with this olive and honey moisturizing cream. The smell is divine, and you’ll want to keep it close for bouts of winter dryness.

The Vérité Woman Aphrodite Hoops
The newest item on the shop is giving all the feels. The Aphrodite Hoops are the definition of a staple piece that any woman, at any age should own. More so, they are a token of worship to the goddess of love herself, and we could always use a bit of that on our side.

Moonology: Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles
Ever since I realized my period was synched with the full moon I have felt an extra charge of power and curiosity to learn all things about the moon and our cycles. More so, just the moon and our lives. 

Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods and Remedies That Heal
I’m not much of a chef so there should be no surprise that in place of cookbooks I have this book. It’s a wonderful reference for healing, and creating on the spot! One of my resolutions was to learn much, much more about Herbalogy, this is my favorite place to re-learn the basics. 

Le Labo Rose 31 in 15ml
There’s nothing rose that I wouldn’t love, but this scent really does hit home.

Herbivore Botanicals – All Natural Coco Rose Luxe Hydration Trio
I use almost only clean ingredient products on my skin and hair, but there’s always room to grow! I’ve long been an avid user of Herbivore Botanicals, but when my lips go through stages of seriously Hollywood-makeup-frost-bitten-hiker I turn to this lip scrub. Seeing there was a set — almost too good to be true.

Two Two Shoes Vince Slide
I bought these slides on a whim and they have become high on my rotation ever since. They  add a refined, but playful element to any outfit!

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Three Detoxes That Clean Your Body From The Inside Out — And That Aren’t A Painful Juice Cleanse.

Three Detoxes That Clean Your Body From The Inside Out — And That Aren't A Painful Juice Cleanse. -- Verite Published --- Cleanse, Detox, Diet, Health, Skincare, Weight loss, New Years Resolutions, Bentonite Clay, Infrared Sauna, Bone BrothWe are one month deep into 2017, and how are those lofty resolutions going for ya? Well we’re here to make at least some of them a whole lot easier to keep. If you’re looking to jump-start those wellness goals or just wiggle out of some leftover holiday cookie lbs, we have three ways for you to detox your body from the inside out — and we want to promote the healthiest ways to do so. Juice cleanses are so 2016, meet our tried and true best methods for ridding our bodies of impurities and leaving them light and glowing.

Bentonite Clay
This clay is a true gift from our Earth, and can be ingested in vitamin form or even used on your exterior to brighten your complexion. Basically it’s the lazy girls detox, you hardly have to do anything, all while a cleaning crew sweeps through your body.
Why it works:
When ingested Bentonite Clay finds toxins in your body left over from the heavy metals found in corn syrups, fish, and high-fructose foods to name a few (not stuff we want sitting around). Bentonite is a negatively charged molecule, while these metals are a positive, it’s pulled right to them like a magnet. Once it seeks them out, it binds to these toxins and expels them by absorbing them completely. This means it’s cleansing your digestive system, colon, and liver. It can also help with diminishing inflammation in the body. The clay works wonders on eliminating chemicals in the body, especially the gut area.
How to use:
Mix one teaspoon of this pure clay powder with a glass of water, mix, and drink immediately.
You can also add to your bathwater for soaking.

Three Detoxes That Clean Your Body From The Inside Out — And That Aren't A Painful Juice Cleanse. -- Verite Published --- Cleanse, Detox, Diet, Health, Skincare, Weight loss, New Years Resolutions, Bentonite Clay, Infrared Sauna, Bone Broth

Infrared Sauna
The infrared sauna is one of our absolute favorite ways to detox our skin, and figure. It’s like going on a 60 minute tropical vacation, and returning minus the water weight. Infrared sessions are easy to find, and inexpensive — yep, you no longer have to fork out big cash for mysterious cleanse potions. Infrared saunas help immensely with pain in our joints, and muscles, anti-aging, promotes cardiovascular health, and above all aids your body to deal with stress — bingo!
How it works:
The infrared sauna is designed to use light and heat to penetrate the body in such a way that it eliminate toxins from the inside out. Its light directly hits the skin allowing it to sweat while not over-heating the air, this lets us spend a prolonged amount of time in the sauna. This process activates our cells, boosts metabolisms, and helps our body let go of water weight, and nasty toxins that are hanging around.
How often to go:
If you want to really jump-start this regime we suggest going from one to two times a week. Over time you can bring it down to one every other week, or when you’re feeling like your body is holding on to unnecessary crap.

Bone Broth
After you’ve put the first two methods into effect, this is the third, and easiest element to detoxing you to your core — literally. Bone broth has been hyped up as of late, but for very good reason, it’s a miracle worker on our stomachs. Yes, it’s made from just what it sounds like, only make sure it’s the organic and fresh kind! Bone broth can also be filling to keep you from extra unnecessary snacking.
How it works:
Drinking this warm liquid twice a day can drastically help promote stomach healing as the gelatin from the bones helps seal breaks in your gut. Further, it helps promote healthy joints, and cells — that means anti-aging elements! The broth is brimming with collagen that is known for keeping us looking young. From our personal experience it’s also an amazing way to get some extra energy, and can even be a replacement for your afternoon coffee.
How to use: You can make your own bone broth, but we like to pick ours up from the local natural food store. Make sure it’s organic.
You can also now buy bone broth in powder form from Ancient Nutrition, we’ve given this a try and enjoy it, it’s also great if you’re often on the go and need something that travels easy!

Why do detoxes have to be so damn disturbing on your daily life? We say they don’t! All of our methods promise to be pain free while helping you achieve a healthier goal.


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