Femme Feed | How Sleeping Can Change The World!


What is a dream? In truth it is what ever you want it to be. Just as your life can be. Vérité wellness contributor, and Dream Worker Renée Palkovsky swears by the ability to steer your life through your dreams. Thus both are malleable. You have the opportunity to create that change you want to see in the world. By allowing your “awake” mind to take a backseat, your intuition has the ability to thrive. We sat down with Renée [in the video above]  in which she dissects Vérité Woman founder Michaela d’Artois’ strange dreams, tells us why you should be listening to these sleeping messages, and shares where the Dream Your World Into Being concept started. You heard us, set aside time this week to learn how sleeping can change the world!

We can dream nightmares, or we can dream great dreams.  We can stay stuck in “what is” or we can imagine and manifest what can be.

What is a Dream Conference? It’s the first of its kind! The Dream Your World Into Being conference is the initiative to educate the greater public about how dreams can be used to spur innovation. In turn this can heal our world, and create change in our communities.

No you don’t have to be sleeping to partake! The conference is open to everyone and begins this coming Wednesday, October 25th through Sunday, October 28th. Register for free here!

We want to know more about this Dream business! For more information about how you can use Dream Work to change your life read our interview with Dream Coach Bonnie Buckner. 

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