Flotation Therapy | Letting Go of Everything to Find Inner Lightness

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E.E. Cummings once wrote “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me). it’s always our self we find in the sea”. These words roll off your skin, as you float in the presence of 1400 lbs of Epsom salt, soon forgetting your past, present, and future. Floatation Therapy, or just simply Floating is having a moment. This isn’t its first, as the activity surfaced previously in the mid 70’s. A treatment reminiscent of a Cleopatra-esque ritual, simulating the dead sea in salt content, you are soon weightless amongst nothing more than the water and the darkness around you. This is where the notes of therapy wash over you. For 90 minutes, you lose all senses. There are no lights, no sounds, and soon your sense of feeling subsides to the water. After you lose any indication of time, your mind falls quiet to the stillness, and what happens next depends on the subject. You are inclosed, at your own will in a pod structure resembling that of a sci-fi prop filled with ten inches of glowing blue water (hued from the pods interior light which you can control once inside). Used for pain relief, depression, and stress management, its benefits seem as limitless as the 93 degree bath in which you hang. Some parallel their floating experiences with that of being in the womb, only to emerge feeling reborn. Once your session is up, you feel nostalgic for that unplugged, needless sensation. In modern life, this is possibly the only meditative state available to the extent of what floating provides. Whether you find yourself, untangle your mental block, or just drift into the silence — floating provides an addictive sensation of renewal.

We floated courtesy of West Coast Float in Whistler, British Columbia

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