salted dark chocolate coconut bites, girl, model, brunette, chocolate, healthy, coconut, dessert, recipe, black tank topWe couldn’t work up your taste buds with all that salt talk without giving them a few indulgences. These bitter, salted and sweet bites are right out of the lazy girls’ cookbook. With less than a handful of ingredients, and a fool-proof guide, you too can indulge in these mini-opulences known as Salted Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites.salted dark chocolate coconut bites, girl, model, brunette, chocolate, healthy, coconut, dessert, recipe, black tank topsalted dark chocolate coconut bites,girl, model, brunette, chocolate, healthy, coconut, dessert, recipe, black tank top

Find yourself a large bowl and mix together the shredded coconut and condensed milk until you have a thick concoction. Roll the paste into 1-inch ball formations, and let rest in the freezer for 30 minutes (you should have just shy of 40 balls).

Meanwhile, place a heatproof bowl over a pot of simmering water and place 2/3 of the dark chocolate in the bowl. Stir and let melt. After approximately 15 minutes, remove from heat and stir in the remaining chocolate.

Grab a fork and dip the coconut balls into the warm melted chocolate. Sprinkle on sea salt, repeat, indulge.





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Photos by Ashley Batz | Words by Michaela d’Artois

Black Undergarments
There is something intensely orderly and devout about my belief in strictly black undergarments — it’s a lifestyle choice that I strongly encourage for all. The slightest peek of dark ornamentation through a sheer blouse only makes it that much better.

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Lonely Lingerie
La Perla
Kiki De Montparnasse

The Perfect Tee
Regardless of the color, the tee is the turning point to a well-supported wardrobe. Paired with a high waisted slim pant, or thrown amongst a feminine skirt, you can’t move to the next level of style without it. Find the perfect fit and buy it three times over in every color.

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Alternative Apparel
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The Tailored Black Coat
If you’re wondering why finishing off a look is difficult to achieve, it’s because you’re lacking the perfectly tailored black coat. Fitted to your figure, and sitting at a flattering length, this coat can conceal or reveal wonders.

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Pixie Market

The White Silk Blouse
Straight out of the YSL handbook, the white silk blouse separates the girls from the women when it comes to dressing. It will soon become your second skin, in an effortless manner that people speak of as Je ne sais quoi.

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Amanda Uprichard
Saint Laurent

The Slinky Black Dress
A woman’s figure is something brilliant to behold, more so in the presence of a SBD (Slinky Black Dress). Sexiness is everything from an attitude to a form-fitting garment. The SBD is key to feeding the fire that lights your confidence. Find one that does this for you, and never let it go.

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The Stone Cold Fox

The Chameleon Pant
This is your everyday. It’s what you throw on to go grab coffee, and what you dress up with heels. Its importance in your wardrobe is mighty. Search far and wide for this piece, make sure it’s fitted to your figure, and tailor the length to your lifestyle.

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The Black Heel
No woman ever found a black heel that didn’t make her stand a little taller. They are imperative.

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Nasty Gal
Kurt Geiger

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Flotation Therapy | Letting Go of Everything to Find Inner Lightness

girl, bikini, swim, pool, flotation therapy

E.E. Cummings once wrote “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me). it’s always our self we find in the sea”. These words roll off your skin, as you float in the presence of 1400 lbs of Epsom salt, soon forgetting your past, present, and future. Floatation Therapy, or just simply Floating is having a moment. This isn’t its first, as the activity surfaced previously in the mid 70’s. A treatment reminiscent of a Cleopatra-esque ritual, simulating the dead sea in salt content, you are soon weightless amongst nothing more than the water and the darkness around you. This is where the notes of therapy wash over you. For 90 minutes, you lose all senses. There are no lights, no sounds, and soon your sense of feeling subsides to the water. After you lose any indication of time, your mind falls quiet to the stillness, and what happens next depends on the subject. You are inclosed, at your own will in a pod structure resembling that of a sci-fi prop filled with ten inches of glowing blue water (hued from the pods interior light which you can control once inside). Used for pain relief, depression, and stress management, its benefits seem as limitless as the 93 degree bath in which you hang. Some parallel their floating experiences with that of being in the womb, only to emerge feeling reborn. Once your session is up, you feel nostalgic for that unplugged, needless sensation. In modern life, this is possibly the only meditative state available to the extent of what floating provides. Whether you find yourself, untangle your mental block, or just drift into the silence — floating provides an addictive sensation of renewal.

We floated courtesy of West Coast Float in Whistler, British Columbia

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Verite_AB-2226 copyWe’ve stated our predilection for salt water as a form of renewing one’s soul and mortal body, but here’s to salt refueling our Joie do Vivre. A set table is unfulfilled without its presence, as are delicacies across cultures — Salt is practically an international language, with a labyrinth of history. It’s the basics of good taste. Until the 20th Century, salt bars were accepted as currency in Ethiopia. In China, this luxury was used in over-consumption as a ritual suicide for the superior.

Verite_AB-2237 copyEnvision figures knee deep in the ocean, grazing the reeds for this gastronomic vital that was once known as White Gold. You are in Guerande, France, and this practice feeds an industry of foodies. Then find yourself in the stretching shade of the Himalayan Mountains, where Pakistan is the biggest producer of Himalayan Pink Salt. Rich with minerals, and eye-catching in its rose hue, it’s made up of less sodium than regular table salt, and has the power to rid your body of toxins. Let us digress, it is a mineral of unfathomable powers. Allow this to be our ode to salt as it epitomizes flavor, beautification and of course, basics.

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Salt Works
Le Saunier de Camargue
San Francisco Salt Company

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IMAGEWe launch Vérité on a note of newness. What is more appropriate than such a subject with the birth of a new online magazine, the freshness of the new year still lingering in the air — spring just before us. In fashion, a new season brings a rebirth of personal style, we can once again reinvent ourselves as the earth’s interval shifts in front of us. What must we begin a new adventure with? A nod Back to Basics. In our first installment of editorial content we seek rebirth in modern life, from spring 2015 looks to pressing refresh on your soul. Just like every new morning, there are fresh beginnings, and those are our favorite. We suggest the adventure of adapting these changes. Adapting Vérité into your blogrolls.


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