You Literally Can’t Go On Without Knowing These 16 Period Facts!

You Literally Can’t Go On Without Knowing These 16 Period Facts!

You Literally Can't Go On Without Knowing These 16 Period Facts! | VERITE WOMAN, period facts, what does the color of your period blood mean, how do you know if your hormones are unbalanced, how to tell if your period is healthy, tampon facts, diva cup, menstrual cups, why do we have cravings during period, how much do you bleed during period, why am I horny during my period, LOLA Tampons, organic tampons, women health, wellness, hormones, herbs, essential oils.

Why do periods often feel like a subject of lore when they are in fact life? Let me tell you: Society gets off on preserving the acts of the female body because mystery is sexy, blood is not. However, we aren’t doing ourselves any favors when each month our time comes and for some reason, it always feels like our body will be its own demise. Our menstrual cycles unite us, they hold the power of knowledge about our individual bodies — if you listen carefully enough they can tell you where you need more self-love, more rest, less stress, even down to what you should be eating!
The numbers are in: in a poll of 200 women, 75% of you Vérité women that participated said they were completely mystified about necessary info (wtf is a tampon) the first time they ever got their periods. Of those same women, 76% aren’t aware of what distinctions in the color of your period blood can mean about your overall health! Without fears of the taboo, we set up a virtual red tent of our own right here to bring you 16 very necessary period facts, and our healthy happy period shopping list!

  1. In many ancient cultures, period blood was actually considered sacred. Some even believed its consumption could bless one with immortality. Now that’s the credit we are due.

2. Tampons are the most popular method of feminine hygiene in the western world, in places like France, it’s much more common to use a tampon without an applicator or a menstrual cup! C’est très eco-friendly.

3. Most mainstream tampon companies are actually run by men, from the CEO to the marketing team. WTF?

4. On the subject of tampon companies — it is not FDA enforced for tampon and pad companies to list ingredients. This means you literally have no clue what goes into the products you literally depend on.

5. A new wave of period products including brands like LOLA and Cora are being transparent about what goes into the products you rely on monthly. They also deliver on a subscription basis so you are no longer rushing to the drugstore in a state of SOS.

6. Women’s menstrual cycles can run from anywhere between 21 to 35 days, most commonly and what we are usually told is “normal” is a 28-day cycle.

You Literally Can't Go On Without Knowing These 16 Period Facts! | VERITE WOMAN, period facts, what does the color of your period blood mean, how do you know if your hormones are unbalanced, how to tell if your period is healthy, tampon facts, diva cup, menstrual cups, why do we have cravings during period, how much do you bleed during period, why am I horny during my period, LOLA Tampons, organic tampons, women health, wellness, hormones, herbs, essential oils.

7. There’s an app for that! Author Alisa Vitti is famed for her book WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source which changed the game when it comes to what we know about our cycles (it’s a must read). Her app Flo Living allows you to gain daily insight into your cycles best life, and track where you’re at mentally and physically.

8. Your period can actually make you more aroused. It hardly makes any sense and there’s much speculation as to why this happens but if you’re a woman who often feels hornier during your period you are not alone! Some say it’s due to a change in hormone release, others claim it’s the circulation of blood against the nerve endings in your vulva creating the arousal. Whatever it is, it’s not just in your head.

9. PERIOD SEX IS ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU. Re: the above fact, having an orgasm while on your period or leading up to can help relax the muscles of your uterus, allowing for a healthier blood flow and releasing happy hormones that counter pesky PMS!

10. Your body actually amps up the number of calories it burns leading up to your period causing those terrible cravings, but we say fuck em’, you’re burning more you’re entitled to eat more!

11. According to, a woman loses between approximately two to four tablespoons of blood during her monthly period.

12. In other cultures, however, periods are still viewed with much oppression even in modern day. In the most conservative of the Jewish religion, menstruation is called “Niddah” and is referred to as a time when a woman is unclean. This means she may not have physical contact with those of the opposite sex as to not spread impurity.

13. Color Theory: the shade of your period blood is a very important indicator of your personal health and where your hormones are at. Light pink can mean a lack of estrogen (the hormone that lives in your ovaries and makes you fertile). Dark brown can indicate deep shedding or blood from deeper parts of the uterus. Deep red can mean low progesterone (the hormone that regulates your periods). A healthy, happy period is a bright red!

14. Essential oils have been used for centuries to balance our periods: here are just a few and their benefits:

  • Lavender: where hasn’t lavender come in handy? This plant can help as a mood balancer during heavy states of PMS. Rub it on your stomach area in essential oil form to help relax the muscles of your reproductive system.
  • Clary Sage: this herb is a great hormone balancer as it acts like a hormone itself. Keep an essential oil bottle of this handy for inhaling during your cycle.
  • Bergamot: Also a hormone balancer, it can help by getting rid of negative thought patterns that heighten during this time of the month. Put a few drops into your aromatherapy diffuser and let the scent do the work.
  • Geranium: this essential oil can be a wonderful anti-inflammatory which can really come in handy during this bloat-prone time. Treat yourself to a little self-massage with some high-quality geranium oil!

15. Another heavy-hitting natural healer during this time of need can be cannabis. Invest in a high-quality CBD oil to either take internally or massage into the skin around your lower abdomen to fight off serious cramps and soreness!

16. Like the cycles of the moon, we too wax and wane. In many communities, women are naturally synced with the full or new moon and rituals follow. In Native American tribes, it was quite normal to check yourself into a moon lodge with your female tribe-mates during this time. In biblical times a Red Tent was a woman’s sanctuary to worship the fertility gods during her time of the month. By incorporating practices such as moon ceremonies, and paying close attention to your bodies responses in correlation with the moon can help you feel more connected.

Shop our healthy, happy period essentials here:

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My Essentials: Why I Went Totally Green with my Beauty Routine (& my everyday products)

A few months ago I posted an Instagram story featuring some of my everyday all-green beauty products with the note “our earth was designed for us to live off, so why wouldn’t it’s offerings be able to heal us?” Your response was massive. DM’s from the world over with support for this sentiment. I knew the green beauty movement was well under way but it was this virtual-correspondence that lead me to realize we are all seeking more information and inspiration when it comes to clean ingredient cosmetics. I hope this post can give you that.
The reality is it’s necessary — as overwhelming as it is to dissect ingredient labels (I love the app Healthy Living for doing the work for me), the research is in and we can no longer be slathering our sacred skin with mystery chemicals.
Thus, my year-long deep-dive into the best skincare, makeup, supplements, and haircare on the market with absolutely no toxic components, that really really do the trick.

My interest in clean beauty truly sprouted from my passion for herbs and plant medicine. I naturally turn to the pantry long before I ever turn to a Western Doc. and as I dug deeper into this world I found testimonial after testimonial of individuals who were able to ease up acne, take 20 years off their face without invasive surgery, and dissipate uneven scaring using only what Mother Nature offers. For example, aging is the process of your skin losing hydration over time and ingredients like live plant extracts not only have homeopathic and ayurvedic healing properties for ailments such as acne, scaring, sagging etc. but also contain all that lushness we love about plants in the first place. Think of a freshly bloomed rose — its petals are soft and plump, and self-protect against the sun! Let’s all have a little bit more of that in our lives. If you’ve been following the Vérité Woman journey for a while now you’ll know there’s nothing a healing hot cocoa, the world’s best homemade mask, and rose water can’t fix!

However, it wasn’t until recently that I traded in my Korean sheet masks and drug store mascara for a salt-of-the-earth toiletry bag — right down to my toothpaste! I know that this transition can be a costly one, so there’s no reason to bite off the whole gluten-free cookie at once. Ease into it. See what products speak to you. Little by little you’ll be bettering your skin saviors and minimizing your carbon footprint while you cleanse!

= products readers loved and bought through our suggestion!

De Mamiel Restorative Cleansing Balm
Until this cleansing balm came into my life, I wasn’t much of cleanser fan. They stripped my skin and left it feeling like I’d taken a squeegee to my pores. This replenishes moisture while diminishing dirt.

Tammy Fender Cleansing Milk
For those of you who love a good double cleanse system you can use this one before the above, or of course on its own. The lavender is super calming so it’s great after a summer day spent in the sun!

Tammy Fender Antioxidant Creme
As you can tell, I’m a huge supporter of Miss Fender. Her line is pricey but seriously effective for my dry skin.

Tammy Fender Restorative Balm
Just more reasons to join the TF fan club.

One Love Organics Love + Charcoal Mask
Charcoal usually dries my skin out further, however, this mask is not only detoxifying and a pro at pulling out impurities, but it also leaves skin silky and plump.

One Love Organics Vitamin E Balm

I’m not messing around when I say this is one of the best products on the market. This is branded as an eye balm but it does so much more. Vitamin E has long been used to dissipate scaring (massage a little into a scar each day and over time it will diminish the scar tissue and heal the visible wound), thus you can only imagine what it can do for our faces. I apply this under my eyes and around my lips each night!


Kahina Moroccan Rose Water

A rose water fanatic’s dream come true

Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil


This oil is the single product from Le Prunier and once you get your hands on it you’ll understand why they only need one star in this show. Through their research of plums (they own a NorCal plum farm) they were able to find regenerating properties, natural sun protection, and maximum hydration. Use on face, in hair, and on hands. It smells divine.

Suntegrity SPF 30

A natural SPF is hard to find but Suntegirty does the best.

Green Sprouts 5 Piece Muslin Face Cloths Made from Organic Cotton


Let me tell you a thing or two about washcloths: they breed bacteria and they absorb moisture that could be going into your skin! Reason enough not to use them. Instead, muslin face cloths don’t absorb as much hydration from your skin, and put in work to wipe off dirt and product!


Playa – Natural Endless Summer Spray (3.65 fl oz / 108 ml)

The entire Playa line is a dream as you will find out below. This Summer Spray does the work of a good sea salt spray without any of the damage.

Playa – Natural Everyday Shampoo

Of all the products I’ve switched over to the greener side, shampoo has been the hardest transition. Playa leaves my hair bouncy and lush, even with an air dry.

Playa – Natural Supernatural Conditioner

Pro tip: leave it in extra long as a hair mask!

Playa – Natural Ritual Hair Oil

This hair oil is delicious and creates soft, lustrous tresses. Also, the color is divine, like liquid gold.

Karma Organic beauty natural Soybean Lavender Nail Polish Remover Nontoxic & Vegan 

Nail products are some of the grossest when it comes to chemicals and finding anything the least bit natural is a needle in a haystack situation. This polish remover not only does the job, but also leaves nails super hydrated instead of dry and brittle.


Babo Botanicals Sheer Zinc SPF 30 Natural Continuous Fragrance Free Sunscreen Spray

A chemical-free, spray on, clear SPF you say? It exists.

Agent Nateur Deodorant Agent No 3 Unisex, 1.7 oz., Large

Deodorant is a bitch whether it’s drugstore grade or all-naturaaal. Agent Nateur goes on like those smooth, creamy sticks we grew up on without any of the cancer-causing chemicals. It’s the only deodorant I’ll use.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Sun Touched

A cream blush goes a long way for a sun-kissed look.

Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation

Since almost my entire makeup regime is cream based, this melts right in! I use Kjaer Weis’ foundation as an undereye or blemish concealer as needed. Pro tip: mix it with an oil to sheer it out or breath new life into it mid-day.

RMS Living Luminizer


It speaks for itself.

RMS Lip Shine in Honest and Moment


These two shades are my daily saviors for romancing chronically dry lips.

Aloe Gel Lash & Brow Mascara

Just a quick swoosh of this across your brows and you’re a 90s’ supermodel. Or at least close to it.

Kosas Lipstick in Stardust

Kosas kills it on the lipstick front. They use a lot less wax in their ingredients than most so it’s long-wearing without cracking!

Kosas Color + Light: Pressed in Papaya 1972

As I said I’m strictly a cream person when it comes to my face makeup but I make an exception for this apricot hued blush and highlighter duo. Who doesn’t love a two-in-one?

Goop GoopGlow

I fell for the hype, and the hype was legit.

David’s Toothpaste

When I think of clean toothpastes I think of gross, sticky pastes that smell like licorice. David’s is a delicious mint flavor and leaves your pearly whites as you like them — whiter and fresh!

High Strength Propolis (Alcohol-Free)

This is my secret weapon, one I gained from my time on a honey farm in France. It’s the best, all-natural spot treatment out there and heals blemishes by killing the bacteria that forms them without leaving a flaky dry patch in its place. Secondarily, it can be used as a weapon against on-coming colds, herpes, and infected cuts.

Addictive Wellness Elixir Blends – CARAMEL Sugar-Free Superherb Drink Mix Box

Let’s end on a sweet note. Addictive Wellness did us good with their elixir blends. A cup overflowing with good-for-you herbs is what you can expect from the three flavors they offer (caramel is my favorite).

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Six Ways to Transform Your Space With Feng Shui

Six Ways to Transform Your Space With Feng Shui. ON VERITE PUBLISHED. --- Feng Shui, Interior Design, How to decorate your home, easy feng shui steps, how to manifest, energy work, space healing, los angeles, interiors.
Words by Meghan Wallace James.

Feng shui is my favorite lover. The longer we stay together, the better it gets… the alignment, the intuition, the communication between object and woman, the magic, the flow, the energy. As I peel back the layers, new intimacies are revealed – treasures that come from a daily practice of keeping temple, loving on my space / in my space. I believe that our home is a phenomenal portal for physical manifestation when we allow the energy to flow freely and beautifully. So what’s my ‘meet cute’ story with feng shui?

I amicably divorced the father of my children two years back. He kept our freshly renovated 1920’s Spanish in Beverly Hills, while I rented a sexy, yet tiny cottage. He wanted to keep everything and I wanted nada — no divorce juju, thank you very much. I had been pre-paving eccentric minimalism for years, and the Universe had delivered a bold opportunity. I had $5,000 to furnish the place and made each purchase thoughtfully yet with a light spirit. The result: a handmade Japanese futon with 70’s psychedelic brocade tatami trim, crisp white linens, Turkish bath towels, houseplants in glazed terra-cotta urns, a Shun chef’s knife, an Alessi French press, Heath dinnerware and a brand new vibrator (priorities). No carpets, no curtains, no art… I wanted to do it right or not do it at all. The few items from the old place furnished my boys’ zone, providing continuity during a major lifestyle transition. I sold or donated most of my clothing and books, keeping the favorites. Ahhhhhhhh, space to feel.  Can you feel it? I believe we all intuitively understand energetics of space, and with my first major feng shui foray, I was high on the results. Once I got my bearings, I sought out two master teachers: one Western and one Eastern, to create a unique, sensual  blend that I now share with clients.

Six Ways to Transform Your Space With Feng Shui. ON VERITE PUBLISHED. --- Feng Shui, Interior Design, How to decorate your home, easy feng shui steps, how to manifest, energy work, space healing, los angeles, interiors.

Okay, okay — but how to get started sans drastic life change or big budget, you say? Let us begin our feng shui journey together with six fundamental steps:

  1. Create an eye catching, welcoming entrance. Step outside and look at your entrance.  Stand there for a bit. Use all of your senses and make an honest assessment: Would good vibes want to enter your space? Energy has to get in before it can circulate. Beautify that entrance, and your front door in particular — studio apartment, mcMansion — it honestly does not matter. You should be able to open and close the door clearly.  No piles of stuff, no creaking hinges, no cobwebs. Go bold and lacquer your front door Chinese Red to activate the energy. Curate fresh planters. Or simply sweep your walk.  Bonus points for a doormat and a mailbox that look receptive of abundance. Make sure porch lights are in working order, change the bulb for ambiance and set timers for nightfall – alight the path home for good fortune.
  2. Go shoe-free indoors. If you are not already, become a ‘shoe-free’ home. Right before or after crossing the threshold, take those puppies off. Encourage family members, roommates and guests to follow suite with a shoe tray or bench. To understand feng shui is to communicate in the language of metaphors… think of everywhere those shoes go… do you really want all of that energy in your sacred space? Not to mention basic hygiene; chic slipper game, yes please.

Six Ways to Transform Your Space With Feng Shui. ON VERITE PUBLISHED. --- Feng Shui, Interior Design, How to decorate your home, easy feng shui steps, how to manifest, energy work, space healing, los angeles, interiors.3. Designate a home for every possession. Clear the clutter. Yep. This is the most obvious feng shui ‘cure’ and the most taxing process for many. Energetically, clutter is a series of unmade decisions, so take charge of your life and make those decisions. Pace yourself and do this cathartic work when you are in alignment, operating with positive energy, trusting that with every item you purge (sell, donate, trash) you are inviting in fresh energy. A gold standard is to aim for 50% volume: every closet, shelf, drawer, counter, surface should have half of the space free. Get artsy and arrange everyday objects into inspiring vignettes. You will feel a difference, I promise.

4. Bathroom shui at bay… close the toilet lid and keep the bathroom door shut.  This will quickly become second nature and will do wonders for the flow of your home.  Side note: fix any leaks in your space ASAP; leaking water indicates leaking weath.

Six Ways to Transform Your Space With Feng Shui. ON VERITE PUBLISHED. --- Feng Shui, Interior Design, How to decorate your home, easy feng shui steps, how to manifest, energy work, space healing, los angeles, interiors.5. Keep it clear down there: nothing under the bed. Not a thing. You deserve clean and clear dreaming, direct messaging from the collective unconscious, untarnished by dusty crap. I have pulled the wildest objects out from underneath client’s beds, including a signed edition of Taschen’s “The Rolling Stones.” This client was dealing with multiple bad boy rock stars and mending a broken heart; apply the language of metaphor please.

6. Design a weekly life-affirming ritual. Start a weekly ritual to clear stagnant energy and add life to your home. It can be as simple as dusting and saging, or opening all the windows and buying yourself flowers at the market. Escort out the old and welcome in the fresh regularly, and your life will start to bloom.

Meghan Wallace James is a mother, manufacturing engineer, Parsons-trained fashion designer, stylist, and healer.  She recently launched her feng shui consultancy and would be honored to partner with Vérité Woman readers.

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Whether I am deemed as what our society calls beautiful or not, I’d rather be recognized for my uniqueness than for my ability to conform.

Vérité Woman Renée Palkovsky found herself face to face with the beauty industry when her unique perspective on beauty and self-preservation didn’t seem to line up with the masses. She takes this space to lend her vision on why makeup isn’t for her. “I’d rather be recognized for my uniqueness than for my ability to conform.”

Whether I am deemed as what our society calls beautiful or not, I’d rather be recognized for my uniqueness than for my ability to conform. | VERITE WOMAN, why I don't wear makeup, skincare, beauty, self-care, confidence, how to be confident, self-love, how to be yourself.

Why don’t I wear makeup you ask? Sit down a while and let me tell you how I really feel. 

We live in a world, a generation where, for me, everything feels fake – fake boobs, fake nails, fake food, fake friends, fake news, fake followers on Instagram. It seems impossible to drudge up something truly real, something authentic — not changed, altered or amplified. I feel like I have to always be policing, checking to see if it that label inside the vintage YSL pants I found at the consignment shop are real or… well…fake. It’s as if everything must be double checked, researched, investigated and approved because if you don’t, who knows what you are really getting. And quite frankly I find it exhausting. Cue, the beauty industry.

I have nothing against cosmetics or even those who decide to indulge in plastic surgery. I get that doing certain things makes us feel sexier and boost our confidence, and I am all for that. Heck, it would be hypocritical of me to say that I am completely au natural: I get my legs waxed, use whitening toothpaste, and had a nose job years ago to realign a broken nose from my youth. All three can be deemed fake in some regard so I can’t be over here waving my “100% real” flag.  But how far are we take this changing, altering, or amplifying? How much is too much?

Makeup, like fashion, is an art form in my eyes. I have so much admiration for makeup artists who have the talent to work on so many different canvases (faces) and create something spectacular. Think about it — every single face is different with curves, shapes, indents, etc, and a makeup artist has to be able to not only work with that challenge but spot the unordinary in these human facades and capitalize on it. Makeup artists have the ability to transform the look of a person and that is what I call brilliance. But conjunctively it’s this transformation that doesn’t work for me personally.

I like to do this little exercise of inner dialogue: When I ask myself “why are you putting on makeup?” the answer usually has to do with fitting in or looking a certain way to get attention. So then I follow with the questions, “Who are you trying to fit in with and why are you seeking attention?” The last question always gets me and I catch my ego in a story about how I need to wear makeup in order to get attention because I’m being seen as attractive and then that will ultimately give me love — right? Wrong!
This is where I get choked up on the idea of wearing makeup because as you’ve just read, you can see I’d be doing it for all the wrong reasons. My made-up self is a way for me to cover up  (no pun intended) my insecurities. It’s nothing but a mask for me to hide behind because I have some odd belief from God knows where that what’s underneath isn’t beautiful or worthy of love from an outside source.
Whether I am deemed as what our society calls beautiful or not, I’d rather be recognized for my uniqueness than for my ability to conform. | VERITE WOMAN, why I don't wear makeup, skincare, beauty, self-care, confidence, how to be confident, self-love, how to be yourself.
So when I strip it down to the bare bones, makeup is where I would be robbing myself of authenticity because it’s not loving me for who I truly am or what I truly look like — my self-acceptance for the way I look would be fake. It’s just another way for me to conform with the masses for the fear of not being accepted, instead of charging forward every day from a space of “take me for who I am”.
I want those who I attract in my life to love me and accept me as I am and what I look like — truly — not the dolled up, 1 hour after looking in the mirror, 10 products, and 3 skin tone shades later. That’s just too much work and time that can be put toward something that offers more longevity. 

Whether I am deemed as what our society calls beautiful or not, I’d rather be recognized for my uniqueness than for my ability to conform.
I’d rather wake up everyday knowing that a) those who are in my life are here because of who I am, not for who I can be if you give me an hour and b) I don’t need to freak out because the guy waking up next to me might not like what he sees since he’s only ever seen me with makeup on and now it’s probably smeared all over my face. There is something so relieving in that. There isn’t anything to upkeep or maintain, you just get to be you. And when you and those in your life can love and accept the real you — well there isn’t anything fake about that. 

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It’s World Oceans Day — 5 Easy Ways You can Give Back to Big Blue!

The ocean covers more than 70% of our planet’s surface and hosts more than 90% of Earth’s water. She’s mighty & playful, yet she has seductive powers that casts trance like spells upon us. Most who are graced with her presence succumb to her never-ending sway.
There is a notorious understanding that we often hurt the ones we love most – taking them for granted as we know they will always be there. This phenomena goes beyond human to human and seeps into our relationship with Mother Nature.
Right now, there is an island of plastic floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, that was last measured in March to be about 1.6 million square kilometers in size. To put it into perspective, this is more than three times the size of France.
Today is #worldoceansday and we have one favor to ask you; before you purchase anything that involves single-use plastic, remind yourself of the likely hood of where it will end up. Whether it be in a landfill or in the ocean, its inability to decompose is detrimental to Mother Earth. Remind yourself that the power is in your hands. On this World Oceans Day in celebration, we are slipping into our bikinis and headed to the coastline. Before we dive in, we wanted to share a list of crazy easy, super practical ways we can conserve Big Blue every day — even if you don’t live near its shores.

A reusable water bottle is your best accessory:
Not only are we a nation chronically dehydrated, but we also have the terrible habit of using plastic water bottles and discarding them without realizing the impact. Only 7% of the millions of water bottles manufactured a day are recycled and turned into new bottles.

Sippin’ on Stainless Steel:
Trade in your plastic to-go straw, or worse those flimsy recycled cardboard ones that disintegrate in your cold brew (anyone else hate those?) and invest in these reusable stainless steel straws. They minimize waste and wash easily!

Be the Clean-Up Crew:
Every time we head to the beach we make sure to have our If You Care compostable garbage bags and reusable gloves and just pick up micro-trash as we go. You’re not only giving a little love to the ocean’s edges, but you’re getting a nice beach walk in while you do it!

Get Clean:
Toxic products we use in our everyday life — the most harmful can be found under our kitchen sinks — get back into our water sources and into our oceans. These can be detrimental to the animal and plant life living within. Until we stop using these products it’s a never-ending cycle! Below we’ve linked some of our favorite green cleaning products for your reference.

Consume, but Check-in:
in conclusion, it comes down to consumer choice so anytime you go to buy something check in and ask yourself about the longevity and toxicity of the product. What is its life cycle? Is the packaging going to end up in a landfill and/or ocean? If it’s not biodegradable or properly recyclable — the answer is probably yes.


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