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A rose is a rose is a rose, a beauty story, products, shop, skincare, mythology, acne, moisutrizer, essential oil - verite publishedIn Greek mythology, the rose was said to have been produced in a passionate mixture of Aphrodite’s tears and the blood of her lover, Adonis. Even now, these delicate petals hold a power of myth and love, if just to the extent of a whiff. Behind our bathroom cabinets, we find it in all forms — oils, waters, creams — the benefits of such a simplistic, common luxury are found to be endless. It’s no doubt we are currently seeing a rose beauty trend, read on for a few reasons you should keep a heavy stock of rose:

It Relieves Anxieties & Leads To Lovin’:
Fill small spaces with the scent of burning rose oil to banish the stress of the outside world and calm nerves. This unassuming light aroma also acts as a natural aphrodisiac.

It’s Your Skins Best Love Affair:
Rose is blooming with natural skin remedies that will leave your facade clear and supple. Its antibacterial properties fight against acne, while it is a natural anti-inflammatory, soothing red bumps, and blemishes. Rose also acts as a toner — a much better choice than the one you can find at the beauty counter which is sure to contain alcohol. Finally, it is a wonderful moisturizer. Basically, layer it on — you won’t regret it.

It’s Got Vitamins:
The amount of Vitamin C in this flora is enough to act as natures SPF (though we still suggest you lather your daily dose as well).

It Feeds Your Tresses:
When used on your scalp, rose can be the perfect moisturizer to balance dandruff and nourish dry ends.

Shop our favorite rose products here:

  1. Premium Organic Moroccan Rose Water (you can use this on your skin, or add it to water for hydrating sips)
  2. Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Body Scrub
  3. Red Flower Petal Topped Rose Candle
  4. Henne Rose Diamond Lip Exfoliant



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