Turmeric! Our Secret To Fighting Bloat, Aging, and More.

Turmeric! Our Secret To Fighting Bloat, Aging, and More. -- VERITE PUBLISHED --- Turmeric, Curcumin, Health, Beauty, Detox, Diet, Natural skincare, natural diet, Inflammation, How to lose water weight, How to fight inflammation, ayurvedic medicine, traditional chinese medicine, arthritis, how to fight bloat, how to fight swelling, Alternative medicine, anti-aging.We are here to divulge our biggest beauty hack…yep, Turmeric is our secret to fighting bloat, aging, and more! In the ironic world of trend foods, this electric orange root is an all-star and we are happy to head the fan club. It was just last time sitting in my hairdresser’s chair that he raved about the insane sprouting of my tresses. It was true, in a short four months it had extended an incredible amount, especially for someone who bleaches it an ivory blonde. After a quick brainstorm we came to the conclusion it was the daily doses of turmeric I was intaking that had bettered my hair and facilitated a Repunzal state. Turmeric is known to heal and promote thriving of our bodies in many ways — it’s most active element called curcumin is what delivers the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Though it may be buzzing in beauty columns now, it has been around at the root of Ayurvedic and TCM medicines for centuries — and its benefits reach so much further than hair (it’s said to help protect against cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s). Turmeric is used in these ancient medicines to heal stomachs, promote anti-aging (it’s the anti-oxidants and bioactive compounds that rejuvenate our cells), and repair creaky muscles and joints. It beholds anti-inflammatory abilities that make it the most useful to us in our current state. Due to the structure of our diets, and lifestyles, we are full of toxins from factory fabricated foods and pollutions that make for overly retaining figures – our bodies insulate with a swelling or bloating (as we call it) that has a hard time detoxing from these harsh elements. Those few extra pounds you have a hard time shedding? it’s more than likely inflammation. Involving turmeric in your daily diet invites it to come to the rescue whether you seek to press pause on the process of aging, or combat something as serious as arthritis.

Something you must note about properly digesting turmeric is it is a fat soluble, meaning it dissolves best with fat for your body to be able to reap its benefits. As simple as adding black pepper or coconut oil to your fresh turmeric, or insuring the turmeric pills you purchase have this already will make it easier for the spice to work its magic.

Whether you incorporate our bed time turmeric concoction into your diet, find a daily vitamin, or sprinkle it into your cooking, this vibrant-hued root is nothing but a miracle worker.

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