This Could Be Why You Haven’t Been Feeling Yourself Lately

This Could Be Why You Haven't Been Feeling Yourself Lately now on VERITE WOMAN, Self Care, mental health, trauma, me too movement, #metoo, sexual harassment, inclusive feminism, intersectional feminism, wellness.
Words and Photography by Michaela d’Artois.

Women are empathetic as fuck. I know this because if I’m being truly connected with myself, opening all lines of inner communication I can feel where my own body has absorbed the traumas of the world around me. In a time of the #MeToo movement, living in a country ruled by a sexual predator, and daily updates of unfolding cases of rape and sexual misconduct — our traumas go beyond those that have physically touched us.

In conversation with a friend seeking advice as to why she was so timid around those of the opposite sex, my own feelings were mirrored through her experiences. A few years free of a bad breakup, she was ready to jump into the dating pool once again, only her shyness was less a charming quirk and more an alienating aside. She had not been physically affected by sexual assault, however, it’s easy for me to believe as women we have all been victims of abuse in a mental capacity (so often in forms that go unnoticed), if not a physical one. As she spoke, my theory found its words. Bear with me.

Women absorb. We are constantly absorbing the emotions of our surroundings, picking up nuances of pain felt by our loved ones, violence towards our superior Mother Nature, and drinking in energies we can’t even detect until we feel the exhaustion roll through us. A 1995 study in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology showed that women involuntarily imitate the emotional expressions of others. A characteristic we can blame on our brain’s “mirror neurons” that initiate us to match the emotional state or energy level of another being. Now on high alert, I see this play out in all the women around me as many of my close friends mention a feeling of being drained, only they can’t quite pinpoint why. Worse, so many women in my life, including myself have expressed symptoms of depression onset by the current state of our culture.

This Could Be Why You Haven't Been Feeling Yourself Lately now on VERITE WOMAN, Self Care, mental health, trauma, me too movement, #metoo, sexual harassment, inclusive feminism, intersectional feminism, wellness.Don’t get me wrong, these are growing pains that we must endure to find the change we seek. These movements for women to gain the justice they deserve are necessary, and we feel for them, all of us feel so deeply for the sadness, suppression, and shame they’ve carried.

It’s a beating-the-dead-horse example, but it’s truly the clearest line I can draw. When Trump was voted into office, it was days that I cried on and off, not because my team had lost, but due to the fact that I felt a huge chunk of my chosen country (I could be in Canada right now with Trudeau, and yes why aren’t I?) did not respect the welfare, and preservation of its female population. I no longer felt safe, or welcome for that matter. This emotional rollercoaster has followed me ever since, often feeling completely drained on days when I spend extra time debating whether Aziz Ansari was in the wrong or not (I strongly believe he was, don’t open this can of worms), or if all our favorite Hollywood folks were, in fact, hiding Weinstein’s secrets for him. These sound so surface but they are the truest representations of what goes on in every level of our society.

While the world seems on the brink of destruction and in a constant Twitter war of ill-resourced tactics we probably don’t even clock how much the acts of the greater establishments are adding to our daily stress levels. When our body is prompted to feel uneasy it releases stress hormones called adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol which have some heavy affects on our physical self. This state wears on your nervous system and lowers the immune system making us more prone to illness. It can also lower our inner-mechanics ability to detox itself, allowing more gunk to build up in the body like mucus, and waste leaving us feeling sluggish, lethargic, and even *ding, ding, ding* depressed.

Women are also fucking resilient. Even in times of fear, we find it within ourselves to be resourceful and build a space for ourselves when one isn’t offered. That void you’ve been feeling for months, maybe years, it’s your empathy taking on the traumas of our sisters, our Earth, and all the female energies that have been wronged for much longer than we have been a feminine figure on this planet.

Ways I’ve found that have helped me level the effects of these second-hand traumas are:

By setting boundaries for myself with my intake of information. While being a “woke” member of this society is very important to me, I need to listen to myself about how much is too much. For example, I have personal trigger points that I cannot ignore.

That leads me to: be aware of trigger warnings. This doesn’t have to just be when it comes to the news you’re ingesting, but also when you’re out in the world. If something might be triggering for you, you absolutely do not have to do it.

By creating a safe space within my intimate community to hash out all the feelings. So many feelings. Sharing our current states, and talking it out was what lead me to realize a commonality between those close to me and the world around us as it is.

By finding time to turn off. Spending more time outside, and not in the presence of news alerts has helped me massively. If I take time every day to be in the quiet of nature, it recharges me to come back into 2018.

A few things helping ground us & keeping us happy during these weird times:
1. Ayurvedic massage oil to keep our body calm and balanced 2. five-minute journal to keep us conscious 3. face masks for self-care (duh) 4. Home cleansing kit to keep us zen in our mental and physical spaces 5. Ashwagandha as a natural depression fighter, hormone balancer, and mood booster!

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21 Things You Need To Know About Birth Control!

21 Things You Need To Know About Birth Control! NOW ON VERITE PUBLISHED ---- Birth Control, Contraception, Is Birth control bad for you, Is the pill bad for you, women's health, method of birth control, BCP, ovary health, pill bleed, withdrawal bleeding, health, period, migraines, weight gain on birth control, what are hormones, wellness, skincare, acne, feminism.I was 15 when I first went on birth control. My female doctor — a family friend — prescribed me a pill and explained that sometimes it takes a few tries to find the right brand for you. “Don’t be alarmed if you have bleeding between periods,” she added “It’s natural.” That’s all she explained, nothing less, nothing more. My body changed after I began my prescription, but I was fifteen, so wasn’t it supposed to be changing? Soon, I was blessed with a massive chest for my 95 lb frame. I never really knew if it was the pill or just a physical miracle, but I figured it rude to question God’s blessings, so I looked no further for reason. From that time on I took my little pink pills diligently until I hit the age of 24, and with a gut feeling decided I no longer wanted to be pumping my body with whatever this minuscule tab contained. That large chest? Diminished within a year to a more manageable size, and a few other side effects seemed to right themselves. Still then, I knew nothing of the truth, risks, side effects of the birth control pill and maybe you don’t either. That’s why we figured we would delve deep into the research and facts about all the things the doctor doesn’t tell us about our contraception of choice. We aren’t here to determine what is best for you when it comes to your sex life, and protection but we feel it necessary to provide a penetrating look at what your body could be in for, so you can make an educated decision.21 Things You Need To Know About Birth Control! NOW ON VERITE PUBLISHED ---- Birth Control, Contraception, Is Birth control bad for you, Is the pill bad for you, women's health, method of birth control, BCP, ovary health, pill bleed, withdrawal bleeding, health, period, migraines, weight gain on birth control, what are hormones, wellness, skincare, acne, feminism.

  1. In the U.S. alone, women are spending upwards of $1,000 on the pill each year. When you think about how much the pharmaceutical companies that produce these brands of birth control are making off of our ovaries, it makes sense that they tap us in at a young age — contraception is an economy in itself — the global contraceptive market was valued at an estimated $19 billion in 2015.
  2. Since this form of contraception became popularized in the 1960s’ it has been sold to women as a cure-all for those being plagued with acne, irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, and of course warding off unwanted pregnancies. The terrifying part of all of this is that the research behind this pill doesn’t support an actual solution for these issues, rather you are finding a temporary fix. When you decide to stop taking the pill women often find things like cystic acne returning in full force. Instead, we should be finding natural ways to remedy these issues like getting to the true root of your skin problems with your dermatologist, or finding what vitamins your body might be low on that’s leading to crazy PMS!
  3. Hormones are a big part of the whole birth control shtick. Hormones are released from your endocrine glands and send messages through your body such as when you’re hungry, tired, horny. The hormones in birth control pills however are not like the ones naturally produced in your body — these are synthetic!
  4. Birth control works by blasting your system with these synthetic hormones to trick your body into not releasing an egg during ovulation. However because they aren’t organic to your body they are not sending true messages and things can get lost in translation leading to mood swings or physical side effects.
  5. The blood that is released during your cycle on birth control is not actually a period! This is an insane fact right? It is actually called pill bleeding or withdrawal bleeding and is your body’s reaction to a withdrawal from the pills hormones while you’re taking your placebos. Periods are a very necessary and healthy indicator of what your body and reproductive system is trying to tell you, so imagine how disconnected you are from what’s really going on inside of yourself when you aren’t receiving a true period or your body isn’t able to secrete it’s necessary/natural menstruation.
  6. In conjunction with #5, the spotting that you are warned of when the doctor first prescribes you birth control, and which you may receive from time to time is also a form of pill bleeding. This is not natural to a normal cycle, and is a side effect of this form of contraception.
  7. Birth control company’s have one huge downfall — the days in which you take your placebo pills during your time of the month are when your body has a break from these synthetic hormones and are the most likely to lead to unplanned pregnancy.
  8. In Scotland a study was taken of 2,700 birth control pill users that revealed a shocking reality. One third of the group were under the guise that the pill works by killing spermatozoa (sperm) and that’s why one does not get pregnant. However, as we stated above it works by halting ovulation.
  9. Birth control works in a two pronged attack. It stops ovulation in its tracks, yes, but it also thickens the mucus that is released vaginally when one has intercourse so that the sperm cannot get any further on its journey.
  10. Once you’ve gotten the hang of your pill, you soon realize it can do this fun thing where if you do not stop taking the hormonal pills during your period you can skip it all together. While it seems like a perk, this is actually terribly unhealthy for your young body that needs to cleanse, and detox itself organically.
  11. In a scary finding, the Susan G. Komen Foundation reports that “A pooled analysis of data from more than 50 studies found that while women were taking birth control pills (and shortly thereafter), they had a 10 to 30 percent higher risk of breast cancer than women who had never used the pill. Once women stopped taking the pill, their risk began to decrease and after about 10 years, returned to that of women who have never taken the pill.”
  12. Whilst taking oral contraception one can find themselves facing various nutrition deficiencies. Commonly women are in need of folic acid, vitamin B, Magnesium (something women naturally don’t get enough of), Zinc, Folate, and Vitamin C. We often don’t realize they’re missing because, yep you guessed it, those damn synthetic hormones didn’t send the right messages through our body to give us the 411!
  13. In continuation of the above, this can lead to an unhealthy pregnancy or even miscarriage due to your body’s inability to be a healthy, nutritional accommodation for a baby.
  14.  Those nasty synthetic hormones can increase the chances of blood clotting in women. How? The faux estrogen and progestin in the hormones can increase the bloods clotting components making you more at risk.
  15. Alright, this one’s a terrifying tidbit of research but here we go: According to Dr. Sarah Gottfried, three-time New York Times bestselling author and gynecologist, the synthetic hormones in birth control pills can shrink the clitoris by 20% caused by the decrease in testosterone in your body once on the pill.
  16. Those faulty hormones can also increase your risk of depression due to mixed signals being sent to your brain.
  17. Birth control can hurt your dental health too! A 2007 study shows that, “Current users of oral contraceptives had poorer periodontal health.”
  18. It can lead to serious weight gain. Through both messing with your hunger levels and causing heightened water retention your little pill can make you feel very large.
  19. Studies show that the pill leads to women more frequently experiencing migraines.
  20. Being prescribed the pill while breast feeding can lead to passing on some detrimental symptoms to your little one. All those fake hormones, and side effects could set your babe up for a life of side effects.
  21. When it is time to jump off the pill and you are ready to make a baby you may find it difficult. After years of messing with your ovulation, those ovaries have the potential to become lazy and unmotivated to do what they were built to.


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The Ayurvedic Night Cap That Promotes Your Most Beautifying Sleep

The Ayurvedic Night Cap That Promotes Your Most Beautifying Sleep -- VERITE PUBLISHED --- Ayurvedic medicine, wellness, health, natural insomnia treatment, sleep, coconut milk, turmeric, weightless.

It’s much past nightfall and you’re still tossing and turning, flicking through your social accounts — antsy to obtain sweet, deep sleep. It seems that in the age of electronics, and heightened levels of stress we are all a little prone to insomnia. Taking notes from the ancient Indian medicine of Ayurveda we share with you our sleepy drink — a concoction we’ve been using to detach from the woke world and get some Z’s.

Ayurveda weighs heavily on the use of herbs, and earthly elements to re-ignite our digestive fires, and steady any level of torment we may be feeling in the body, and mind. The use of that brilliant yellow powder turmeric is often present as it holds the ability to lessen inflammation in the body, and has been proven to boost your brains function. Full of antioxidants it is also promoting strong beauty sleep. That is why at the heart of of our sleepy elixir you will find a teaspoon of this pungent exotic root.

A little often missed fact about turmeric is that it is a soluble and can only be absorbed in the body when followed by a fat. The most commonly used is ground black pepper. This will ensure your body is pulling all those magical elements of the turmeric while you sleep.

While this powder’s color may be eye-catching, it’s flavor can be off-putting, especially as you slide beneath your sheets. This is where the cinnamon comes in, a sweet off-set to the taste. Cinnamon in aromatherapy can often be tied to helping with digestion, making this a great thing to sip on between your last meal and bedtime. Further, it helps shake depressive and stressful thoughts. Even further, it helps promote blood flow to the bodies sex organs in the event there are any activities you want to accomplish before you slip into REM.

Lastly, the whole glassful is tied together with the sweetness of coconut milk. Also known to promote digestion, weight loss, and brimming with good vitamins this will give you even more of that beautifying rest. We suggest throwing back a glass of this beverage either cold or warm about 30 minutes before bedtime. Without further adieu — the recipe…

Sweet Dreams Cocktail

1 cup coconut milk (warmed if preferred)
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 pinch ground black pepper
1 stick cinnamon

Mix flavors together and sip slowly

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Taking To The Waters with Collective Nude’s Detoxing Bath Potions — Discount Code Inside

Taking To The Waters with Collective Nude's Detoxing Bath Potions -- Verite Published ---- wellness, Detox, Epsom Salt, Bath Ritual

In each destination we seek out, it’s a passion to bring home elements of their traditional bath cultures and implement them into our very own beauty routines. From the steamy outdoor gardens and bubbling mineral pools of Japan’s Onsen, and Morocco’s Hammam that leaves you glowing inside and out, to Korea’s bath houses with their soak, steam, and milk honey massages — we can’t part with our water rituals. When you can’t take a quick jaunt across seas, Collective Nude invites these far off customs into your tub — ingredients like Moroccan rose, coral calcium powder, and neroli essential oil bring these locations to you. Each bag is designed to detox and renew you from the busy world outside with natural minerals. Use our discount code: VERITE for 20% off your purchase [code runs through 12.31.2016].

We dipped into a bag of Love Potion No. 1 and immediately melted away from stresses, while feeling an extra dose of self love, and dried off to find supple, happy skin.

Taking To The Waters with Collective Nude's Detoxing Bath Potions -- Verite Published ---- wellness, Detox, Epsom Salt, Bath Ritual

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Ever Wonder Why You Have a Lag in Energy? You Weren’t Eating These!

Ever Wonder Why You Have a Lag in Energy? You Weren't Eating These! — Verite Published —— Diet, Wellness, Raw, Healthy Eating, Clean Eating, Energy Boost, Easy Recipe Energy seems to be an elusive thing we are constantly striving to catch. Whether it’s to catapult you into that after work yoga class, or keep those lashes alert after lunch, our society is in consistent covet of this often intangible state. To help your cause, our trusty Wellness Editor, Renée has gifted us her golden recipe for instilling an extra jolt — Renée’s Crack.


Ever Wonder Why You Have a Lag in Energy? You Weren't Eating These! — Verite Published —— Diet, Wellness, Raw, Healthy Eating, Clean Eating, Energy Boost, Easy Recipe


  1. Scoop 1 GIANT tablespoon of the following into a Tupperware or cake pan.
  • Tocos Powder
  • Golden or goji berries
  • Hemp seeds
  • Cocoa nibs
  • Chia seeds
  • Mulberries

2. Add 2 tablespoons of the following into the mix.

  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sunflower seeds

3. Pour 4 tablespoons of coconut oil into the mixture. Make sure it is liquid. If it is not, heat in a pot on low temp until liquid.

4. Put in fridge and let cool for 20 minutes or until the coconut oil becomes solid. (The longer you wait the better… Don’t be impatient like me).




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