Femme Feed | What You Need to Know About Trump’s Exit From The Paris Climate Agreement.

STORIES FOR GIRLS IN THE KNOW.What You Need to Know About Trump's Exit From The Paris Climate Agreement. NOW ON VERITE PUBLISHED --- Obama, Trump, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, Paris Agreement, Climate Change, Global Warming, Obama Letter To Trump, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Politics, Feminism, News.A few months back, we can recall a slip of naiveté — a time just before the election of the now President Trump when the world tried to justify the possibility. For a moment many of us thought: maybe Trump is trolling these Republicans, and if elected will funnel efforts in the right direction. The ultimate manipulation, something we knew he was capable of. Our way of trying to make things orderly in our minds. However, the months have passed and Trump’s efforts to dissemble everything Obama built (in an almost obsessive manner) continue. The latest? On Thursday June 1st, Trump announced the United States will exit The Paris Climate Agreement and the U.N.’s Green Climate Fund.

What does this even mean?

Let’s start by what it even is. The Paris Climate Agreement was established in 2015 with strong efforts by former Pres. Obama to join its 195 participating nations in a common goal to combat climate change. Amongst these efforts is the Green Climate Fund which invests into low-emission and climate-resilient developments.
In choosing to remove the U.S. from the fight against global warming Trump only pushes his personal beliefs further, at the expense of our earth — he has publicly denounced the issue many times including calling global warming a “Chinese hoax” and saying “I believe in clean air… I don’t believe in climate change.”
He removes a huge power player in monetary, and organized efforts to forward this agreement. This leaves us in a place where each individual must take clean initiatives into their own hands. Organizations, and businesses able to push progress in funding these programs must now take responsibility where the government has failed.What You Need to Know About Trump's Exit From The Paris Climate Agreement. NOW ON VERITE PUBLISHED --- Obama, Trump, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, Paris Agreement, Climate Change, Global Warming, Obama Letter To Trump, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Politics, Feminism, News.

The backlash has already rippled through social media, and even Obama has released an open letter speaking to the detriment this exit will bring. Other leaders such as Justin Trudeau, and Angela Markel have also added their feelings towards the tension-filled move.  Further the new French President has extended an offer to leading American scientists, and  its public to continue to join them in working towards a solution. Trump doesn’t just ruin this for American’s, but for all nations involved.

The kicker?

This exit won’t take full effect until the year 2020 when Trump will be up for re-election. It looks to us as if he’s already planting seeds he hopes will satiate his next campaign’s support from like-minded individuals.

What we can do…

Individually we can help fight back. We’ve all heard it before, but now more than ever it’s time to trade in accessibility for action. The biggest ways to aid are things like taking public transit, biking, or walking instead of driving. Car-pooling (hey, Uber and Lyft) can also help you do your part. Mainly we must not forget: His own ignorance is only going to harm us now. Further, educating ourselves – as always – is the first step to creating change!


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Femme Feed | An Update on Recent Abortion Rights Victories

Femme Feed | An Update on Recent Abortion Rights Victories, Texas overturns law on abortion rights.

We’re decoding this week’s Supreme Court Rulings negating a Texas abortion law that placed sanctions on abortion clinics (a victory for abortion rights supporters), and the Supreme’s wise decision to ignore the pleas for domestic abusers to be able to own a gun — yes, you read that right right.

Here’s a little background the struggles women face to have the fundamental right to choose how we handle our bodies and future.

You all deserve a little historical recap on the subject at hand…

Roe v Wade (1973) — This one may be the most obvious of the bunch, but still worth mentioning, it affirmed a woman’s right to have an abortion under the 14th amendment to the constitution. This decision defined different levels of state interest in regulating abortion in the second and third trimesters.

Planned Parenthood v Casey (1992) — This ruling stated that states could impose restrictions on abortion practices as long as they didn’t impose an undue burden on women.

In 2013 the state of Texas passed a law requiring doctors to have “admitting privileges” at hospitals and for the clinics to have a heightened standard of conditions. Sounds harmless and even nice for women to have cleaner facilities and the ability to be at a hospital if something were to happen, right?

Well, the problem is that these clinics can’t afford the expensive upgrades and reports have stated that about half of the clinics have shut down as a result! Most of the Supreme Court Justice’s also agreed that this law couldn’t actually protect the health of women and was more of a ploy to make abortions less readily available to women in need.

Hence the overturning of this Texas legislature on June 27th!

The Highlights in Quotes:

Justice Stephen Breyer says: “There was no significant health-related problem that the new law helped to cure” and that “We agree with the District Court that the surgical-center requirement, like the admitting-privileges requirement, provides few, if any, health benefits for women, poses a substantial obstacle to women seeking abortions, and constitutes an “undue burden” on their constitutional right to do so.” Referencing the ruling of Planned Parenthood v Casey in his quote on the “undue burden.”

Hilary provided some sobering comments highlighting the fact that “Our fight is far from over,” further explaining that “In Texas and across the country, a woman’s constitutional right to make her own health decisions is under attack. In the first three months of 2016, states introduced more than 400 measures restricting access to abortion.”

Obama even chimed in, “Every woman has a constitutional right to make her own reproductive choices. I’m pleased to see the Supreme Court reaffirm that fact today”

Our thoughts on the impact of this week’s decision…

We are constantly swimming against the current in order to retain this fundamental right, not to mention being shamed with guilt along the way. The negation of the Texas legislature is a victory for women as it represents that we do have a voice, our voice will not be manipulated in the guise of medical necessities or a better standard of health. This decision comes at a pivotal time in not only women’s history but also the history of America, with the impending elections and the death of the Supreme Court Justice Scalia, the appointment of the next Supreme is one of utmost importance in retaining our majority voice as women who stand with our right to choose.

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Tampon Taxes, The Overwhelmingly Unjust Truth


What woman hasn’t found herself at the brink of a menstrual succession vocalizing to a gaggle of girlfriends a version of the following: “I don’t understand why we have to pay for tampons, they are a health necessity, they should be covered by our insurance!” Nods of agreement often follow. Alas, baby steps need to be taken, and we as a country need to start with the fact that women in California alone pay $20 million annually in taxes on these feminine hygiene products. The first of those baby steps was taken just last week when President Obama addressed the “tampon tax” issue after he shockingly learned it even existed saying “I have to tell you, I have no idea why states would tax these as luxury items, I suspect it’s because men were making the laws when those taxes were passed.” While we appreciate the verbal support that he gives the female population to continue the fight against the issue, we still have a long way to go in righting this in-equal wrong.

Thankfully, ladies like Democrat Cristina Garcia and Republican Ling Ling Chang have united to fight for these simple rights in the form of eliminating sales tax on feminine hygiene products, starting with California. Although it feels like this success would be just a small justice, we have to start somewhere.

Periods as a whole still receive a steady flow of bad press, even just this past year there was an uproar on Instagram when Poetess Rupi Kaur posted an image attempting to address the subject that is kept so hush, hush. But why? We’re all adults here, and this is hardly the goriest subject our culture has to address. Do we need to underline that it’s literally the source of life?

The distressing reality is that women pay an average of $7 monthly for these products. That may seem like a small measure (it’s just one and a half lattes, right?), but it adds up — especially for women living in poverty. While we aren’t the only country fighting this error — Australia, and the UK are also striving for change — our menstrual products are taxed as a luxury item in 40 U.S. states. The reality is, there’s no way around it, there’s just no menstrual cycle without these products.

We want to hear your thoughts on the matter, tweet us @veritepublished, and use the hashtag #FemmesOFVerite to start the conversation!




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