A Pubic Hair PSA: What’s The Deal with Upkeep?

A Pubic Hair PSA: What's The Deal with Upkeep? NOW ON VERITE PUBLISHED --- Personal care, Sexual Education, Sex Ed, Sex Heath, Pubic Hair, Brazilian, What do guys like pubic hair, Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw, Girls HBO, Lena Dunham, Hannah Horvath.In the height of Sex and the City it only took Carrie Bradshaw proclaiming that Brazilian waxes were a thing to change the terrain of pubic hair forever (this proclamation was so impactful it literally diminished the problem of pubic lice). However, that was back in 2000 and now we’re a little curious? What is the norm for your hair-down-there seventeen years later? We believe that pubic hair shouldn’t necessarily be a trend but a personal preference that makes you feel sexiest and most comfortable — that being said we know these topics can be skimmed over leaving you wondering “am I only cool if a vagazzle?” So we thought we would hit up our girl gang once again for a good ol’ pubic hair poll.

Let’s start off with one femme of Vérité we questioned, who for all intents and purposes, we will call Charlotte. Upon a sms interrogation of her current situation she candidly shares “I’ve been into bikini waxes for a while (not total Brazilian) but as of late I’m just going full 70s bush. I literally haven’t done anything in months and months and months…” When asked is her partner get’s a say she shares that he is strongly opposed to the Brazilian.A Pubic Hair PSA: What's The Deal with Upkeep? NOW ON VERITE PUBLISHED --- Personal care, Sexual Education, Sex Ed, Sex Heath, Pubic Hair, Brazilian, What do guys like pubic hair, Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw, Girls HBO, Lena Dunham, Hannah Horvath.

Our second poll participant, who we will call Miranda, says she goes full Brazilian all the way. Does her significant other get to weigh in? “I let him weigh in but it’s convenient that we both prefer the same thing. Not that I always upkeep, that shit’s hard.” Agreed.

It does feel like there’s a shift away from the Brazilian since that fateful episode that aired with the coming of the millenium. This could be due to its high expense, annoying maintenance, or just the fact that it’s possibly the most painful thing your vagina may endure aside from giving birth. Our investigations continue…

We asked yet another girl gang member her preferences. Let’s call her Samantha. “Personally, I feel much cleaner, and comfortable when I’n fully bare — but I don’t mind letting it grow to well kept French girl bush either. The one thing I cannot handle is shaving. Don’t know how anyone deals with the act of doing it or the stubble. I don’t think girls should ever worry about someone’s expectations though. I think your partner is just happy to be there.”

This sentiment was seconded on our favorite place on the web (aside from right here) Reddit where a nice gentleman with the username Kellerkadooogan said this on the matter: “As long as she down to get down I don’t give a fuck about the hair as long as is not full bore unkept; no I don’t mean shaved, trimmed is fine.”

Seems to us that while the Brazilian is far from finished having its day in the sun, we are embracing our natural roots more and more without fear of judgement. But that’s not to say some strange trend may not arise in the future… that we haven’t even thought up yet… iVag?

We really can’t have this conversation though without touching on the fact that what may be trending has directly been affected by what the world has garnered from the porn industry. Just think of the above statements from the ladies we surveyed — references like 70s and French girl bush come directly from erotica be it imagery or film, whether we realize or not! It’s almost impossible not to be influenced even second-hand by what is trending in these videos, to which we quote Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) in the final season of Girls, “For your information, this is what adult women look like when they’re using their pubic hair the way that, like, whatever, the lord intended. Which is to protect their vaginas. So thank you for pointing that out.”


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