When Healthy Hurts

When Healthy HurtsWhen Healthy Hurts: Contributing wellness writer Julia Gall teaches us about how even the passion of wellness can lead to harmful eating disorders. Now on VERITE WOMAN., Eating Disorders, Health, Wellness, Orthorexia, Doctor Advice, Los Angeles, Clean Eating, Skinny, fit.Peruse any blog or scroll through your Instagram for a few minutes, and you are bound to be inundated with various images and portrayals of “wellness.” In Los Angeles it is particularly inescapable, where a juice bar or fitness club is on nearly every corner and workout gear is de rigueur. A casual conversation with a friend often turns to eating habits, and it seems that almost everyone I know is following a strict — albeit usually self-imposed dietary regimen. Whether it’s the avoidance of gluten or animal bi-products, food intolerance or sensitivity, or abolishment of an entire food group, it’s difficult to think of anyone who isn’t restricting themselves in one way or another. But at what point does the desire to be optimally healthy morph into an obsession and, moreover, disorder?
While the wellness movement is undoubtedly grounded in positive intentions, the adage still rings true: there can indeed be too much of a good thing. Although orthorexia is not recognized as an official eating disorder, the term was coined by Dr. Stephen Bratman in 1996 to describe an obsession with healthy eating, to the point where it becomes an all-encompassing compulsion. Dr. Bratman explains it as such: “an emotionally disturbed, self-punishing relationship with food that involves a progressively shrinking universe of foods deemed acceptable.” Anxiety, avoidance of social situations and a mind consumed by thoughts of self-established rules are also pervasive. Like most eating disorders Orthorexia is rooted in need for control.When Healthy Hurts: Contributing wellness writer Julia Gall teaches us about how even the passion of wellness can lead to harmful eating disorders. Now on VERITE WOMAN., Eating Disorders, Health, Wellness, Orthorexia, Doctor Advice, Los Angeles, Clean Eating, Skinny, fit.So how did we get here? Why is it that in a society so obsessed with the idea of wellness, so many people, especially women, seem to be feeling particularly unwell?

This brings us back to social media and the rise of Wellness as an industry. These days it seems that anyone with an Instagram account can be an “expert.” Despite what you may think scrolling through your feed, true wellness is not synonymous with “skinny.” It is not necessarily consuming seaweed collagen dust exclusively while completing a hardcore hour in the trending sweat-lodge of your choice, nor is it being the proud owner of a six-pack. The term “wellness” means the absence of illness, as well as the holistic integration of mind, body, and spirit. It is incredibly individual, for no two bodies are the same. Having worked as a fashion model for over ten years now, I am intensely aware of societal pressures put on to young women to look a certain way. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become significantly more comfortable not only in my skin but also with saying no to those who do not accept me for the way I look in professional circumstances. To me, wellness means freedom to live the way I choose, without limitations. Looking after my whole self to the best of my ability has been my most worthwhile investment, and I can only hope to encourage other young women to do the same.

When Healthy Hurts: Contributing wellness writer Julia Gall teaches us about how even the passion of wellness can lead to harmful eating disorders. Now on VERITE WOMAN., Eating Disorders, Health, Wellness, Orthorexia, Doctor Advice, Los Angeles, Clean Eating, Skinny, fit.While the fact that Wellness is becoming such an integral part of young people’s lives these days is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, it is essential to acknowledge the risks of overdoing it. Avoiding spending time with friends or loved ones due to fear of certain foods being present, suffering from exhaustion caused by too many workouts in a single day, feeling weak or lightheaded, amenorrhoea, constant irritability and even depression can all be signs that one’s quest for peak health is becoming harmful. In the most authentic fashion of wellness, it is vital to be in tune with the body and recognize when rest, or perhaps a higher intake of calories, is needed. Moreover, it is just as important to be able to indulge on occasion, without guilt or remorse. Struggling to find that balance between discipline and self-care can indicate the beginning of disordered eating and should be promptly addressed. I have personally been in similar situations before and found it very helpful to re-center myself and focus on my ultimate goal: to nourish my body and live at my optimal level of wellbeing, as opposed to punishing myself.

When Healthy Hurts: Contributing wellness writer Julia Gall teaches us about how even the passion of wellness can lead to harmful eating disorders. Now on VERITE WOMAN., Eating Disorders, Health, Wellness, Orthorexia, Doctor Advice, Los Angeles, Clean Eating, Skinny, fit.In a world of magic dust for whatever may ail you and that costs a pretty penny, my advice is to take it all with a grain of salt. Rather than comparing your current diet and exercise preferences to those of a blogger you admire, take the time to look inward and take note of how your routine makes you feel. The sheer amount of wellness trends and (mis)information out there can be incredibly overwhelming, so remember to do your research and avoid self-diagnosing. When looking after your body, don’t forget about your mind as well – one cannot be healthy without the other. No matter what “wellness” may mean to you, there is no substitute for proper self-care and, most importantly, self-love.

Julia Gall is a Los Angeles based model and our contributing wellness guru. When she’s not sniffing out the latest in deliciously clean ingredients she’s sweating it out on the tennis courts!

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Turmeric! Our Secret To Fighting Bloat, Aging, and More.

Turmeric! Our Secret To Fighting Bloat, Aging, and More. -- VERITE PUBLISHED --- Turmeric, Curcumin, Health, Beauty, Detox, Diet, Natural skincare, natural diet, Inflammation, How to lose water weight, How to fight inflammation, ayurvedic medicine, traditional chinese medicine, arthritis, how to fight bloat, how to fight swelling, Alternative medicine, anti-aging.We are here to divulge our biggest beauty hack…yep, Turmeric is our secret to fighting bloat, aging, and more! In the ironic world of trend foods, this electric orange root is an all-star and we are happy to head the fan club. It was just last time sitting in my hairdresser’s chair that he raved about the insane sprouting of my tresses. It was true, in a short four months it had extended an incredible amount, especially for someone who bleaches it an ivory blonde. After a quick brainstorm we came to the conclusion it was the daily doses of turmeric I was intaking that had bettered my hair and facilitated a Repunzal state. Turmeric is known to heal and promote thriving of our bodies in many ways — it’s most active element called curcumin is what delivers the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Though it may be buzzing in beauty columns now, it has been around at the root of Ayurvedic and TCM medicines for centuries — and its benefits reach so much further than hair (it’s said to help protect against cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s). Turmeric is used in these ancient medicines to heal stomachs, promote anti-aging (it’s the anti-oxidants and bioactive compounds that rejuvenate our cells), and repair creaky muscles and joints. It beholds anti-inflammatory abilities that make it the most useful to us in our current state. Due to the structure of our diets, and lifestyles, we are full of toxins from factory fabricated foods and pollutions that make for overly retaining figures – our bodies insulate with a swelling or bloating (as we call it) that has a hard time detoxing from these harsh elements. Those few extra pounds you have a hard time shedding? it’s more than likely inflammation. Involving turmeric in your daily diet invites it to come to the rescue whether you seek to press pause on the process of aging, or combat something as serious as arthritis.

Something you must note about properly digesting turmeric is it is a fat soluble, meaning it dissolves best with fat for your body to be able to reap its benefits. As simple as adding black pepper or coconut oil to your fresh turmeric, or insuring the turmeric pills you purchase have this already will make it easier for the spice to work its magic.

Whether you incorporate our bed time turmeric concoction into your diet, find a daily vitamin, or sprinkle it into your cooking, this vibrant-hued root is nothing but a miracle worker.

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The Ayurvedic Night Cap That Promotes Your Most Beautifying Sleep

The Ayurvedic Night Cap That Promotes Your Most Beautifying Sleep -- VERITE PUBLISHED --- Ayurvedic medicine, wellness, health, natural insomnia treatment, sleep, coconut milk, turmeric, weightless.

It’s much past nightfall and you’re still tossing and turning, flicking through your social accounts — antsy to obtain sweet, deep sleep. It seems that in the age of electronics, and heightened levels of stress we are all a little prone to insomnia. Taking notes from the ancient Indian medicine of Ayurveda we share with you our sleepy drink — a concoction we’ve been using to detach from the woke world and get some Z’s.

Ayurveda weighs heavily on the use of herbs, and earthly elements to re-ignite our digestive fires, and steady any level of torment we may be feeling in the body, and mind. The use of that brilliant yellow powder turmeric is often present as it holds the ability to lessen inflammation in the body, and has been proven to boost your brains function. Full of antioxidants it is also promoting strong beauty sleep. That is why at the heart of of our sleepy elixir you will find a teaspoon of this pungent exotic root.

A little often missed fact about turmeric is that it is a soluble and can only be absorbed in the body when followed by a fat. The most commonly used is ground black pepper. This will ensure your body is pulling all those magical elements of the turmeric while you sleep.

While this powder’s color may be eye-catching, it’s flavor can be off-putting, especially as you slide beneath your sheets. This is where the cinnamon comes in, a sweet off-set to the taste. Cinnamon in aromatherapy can often be tied to helping with digestion, making this a great thing to sip on between your last meal and bedtime. Further, it helps shake depressive and stressful thoughts. Even further, it helps promote blood flow to the bodies sex organs in the event there are any activities you want to accomplish before you slip into REM.

Lastly, the whole glassful is tied together with the sweetness of coconut milk. Also known to promote digestion, weight loss, and brimming with good vitamins this will give you even more of that beautifying rest. We suggest throwing back a glass of this beverage either cold or warm about 30 minutes before bedtime. Without further adieu — the recipe…

Sweet Dreams Cocktail

1 cup coconut milk (warmed if preferred)
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 pinch ground black pepper
1 stick cinnamon

Mix flavors together and sip slowly

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Three Detoxes That Clean Your Body From The Inside Out — And That Aren’t A Painful Juice Cleanse.

Three Detoxes That Clean Your Body From The Inside Out — And That Aren't A Painful Juice Cleanse. -- Verite Published --- Cleanse, Detox, Diet, Health, Skincare, Weight loss, New Years Resolutions, Bentonite Clay, Infrared Sauna, Bone BrothWe are one month deep into 2017, and how are those lofty resolutions going for ya? Well we’re here to make at least some of them a whole lot easier to keep. If you’re looking to jump-start those wellness goals or just wiggle out of some leftover holiday cookie lbs, we have three ways for you to detox your body from the inside out — and we want to promote the healthiest ways to do so. Juice cleanses are so 2016, meet our tried and true best methods for ridding our bodies of impurities and leaving them light and glowing.

Bentonite Clay
This clay is a true gift from our Earth, and can be ingested in vitamin form or even used on your exterior to brighten your complexion. Basically it’s the lazy girls detox, you hardly have to do anything, all while a cleaning crew sweeps through your body.
Why it works:
When ingested Bentonite Clay finds toxins in your body left over from the heavy metals found in corn syrups, fish, and high-fructose foods to name a few (not stuff we want sitting around). Bentonite is a negatively charged molecule, while these metals are a positive, it’s pulled right to them like a magnet. Once it seeks them out, it binds to these toxins and expels them by absorbing them completely. This means it’s cleansing your digestive system, colon, and liver. It can also help with diminishing inflammation in the body. The clay works wonders on eliminating chemicals in the body, especially the gut area.
How to use:
Mix one teaspoon of this pure clay powder with a glass of water, mix, and drink immediately.
You can also add to your bathwater for soaking.

Three Detoxes That Clean Your Body From The Inside Out — And That Aren't A Painful Juice Cleanse. -- Verite Published --- Cleanse, Detox, Diet, Health, Skincare, Weight loss, New Years Resolutions, Bentonite Clay, Infrared Sauna, Bone Broth

Infrared Sauna
The infrared sauna is one of our absolute favorite ways to detox our skin, and figure. It’s like going on a 60 minute tropical vacation, and returning minus the water weight. Infrared sessions are easy to find, and inexpensive — yep, you no longer have to fork out big cash for mysterious cleanse potions. Infrared saunas help immensely with pain in our joints, and muscles, anti-aging, promotes cardiovascular health, and above all aids your body to deal with stress — bingo!
How it works:
The infrared sauna is designed to use light and heat to penetrate the body in such a way that it eliminate toxins from the inside out. Its light directly hits the skin allowing it to sweat while not over-heating the air, this lets us spend a prolonged amount of time in the sauna. This process activates our cells, boosts metabolisms, and helps our body let go of water weight, and nasty toxins that are hanging around.
How often to go:
If you want to really jump-start this regime we suggest going from one to two times a week. Over time you can bring it down to one every other week, or when you’re feeling like your body is holding on to unnecessary crap.

Bone Broth
After you’ve put the first two methods into effect, this is the third, and easiest element to detoxing you to your core — literally. Bone broth has been hyped up as of late, but for very good reason, it’s a miracle worker on our stomachs. Yes, it’s made from just what it sounds like, only make sure it’s the organic and fresh kind! Bone broth can also be filling to keep you from extra unnecessary snacking.
How it works:
Drinking this warm liquid twice a day can drastically help promote stomach healing as the gelatin from the bones helps seal breaks in your gut. Further, it helps promote healthy joints, and cells — that means anti-aging elements! The broth is brimming with collagen that is known for keeping us looking young. From our personal experience it’s also an amazing way to get some extra energy, and can even be a replacement for your afternoon coffee.
How to use: You can make your own bone broth, but we like to pick ours up from the local natural food store. Make sure it’s organic.
You can also now buy bone broth in powder form from Ancient Nutrition, we’ve given this a try and enjoy it, it’s also great if you’re often on the go and need something that travels easy!

Why do detoxes have to be so damn disturbing on your daily life? We say they don’t! All of our methods promise to be pain free while helping you achieve a healthier goal.


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How To Get What You Want: Manifesting 101

How To Get What You Want: Manifesting 101, Mindset, Mindfulness, Health, Wellness, Career Advice, Career, Girl Boss - Verite Published
Image by Angie Silvy.

It was only just over one short year ago that Vérité’s founder, and wellness editor sat in a café in Midtown Manhattan discussing the mindset of what they came to call “being awake”. This was just a few short weeks before this digital publication was to launch and big changes were afoot. They were looking for a sign, and a life changing experience that would confirm they were on the right path to be removing themselves from a 9 to 5 world and going out on their own. Just a few days later, our founder got an invitation to fly across the world with a handful of people in the fashion industry. It was a life changing experience that proved she did have a place here, even more so, a voice. Fast forward to now, Manifesting has become a daily routine for our team. We use it together, and separately to realize the things we want in personal and professional veins of our lives. We live by it, and now we want to share with you how to get what you want.
The theorist Camus once coined the concept of The Absurd — the idea that as humans we try to give meaning to everything that maybe has no meaning at all. That the world and its actions is at complete random. One could go on believing this, only we like to think we have more control than that over our journey. There has been many a times we have set out to create something for ourselves, and through manifesting, succeeded.

We know, Manifesting has become as in style as the latest Celine bag, but it has to be for a reason right? It can come in the form of other people, travel, career, just about anything. Read on for our step by step guide to what works for us when it comes to Manifesting our reality.

How To Get What You Want: Manifesting 101, Mindset, Mindfulness, Health, Wellness, Career Advice, Career, Girl Boss - Verite PublishedBe Awake
As mentioned above, being awake in a world of instant information, and gratification is the first key to getting what you want. It’s so often we interact with others who are so clearly stuck — out of fear, complacency, obliviousness. Once you are sensitive to what the universe is trying to tell, and give you, you will begin to receive a flow of nods towards where you should be and what you should be doing. We suggest taking notice of little things as they align, it may help you create a solid vision of what you would like to realize. Another way to be awake, funnily enough is to pay attention to what takes place in your dreams, read our guide to doing so here. It also takes an element of positive mentality to achieve this. Once you get in tune with it, you can manifest without even really realizing. Good vibes create a healthy reality.

Be Alone
Possibly the most rewarding step of all of this is to master the art of alone time. In this space, on your own, you can draw a world unaffected by others. It is all too easy to get caught up in what you think you should want through social media, and others in your life, but what is truly right for you as an individual? Set aside an hour or two to turn off your gadgets, disconnect, and spend some time thinking on what it is that would make you happy. This step calls for complete honesty, even if it’s painful.

Write It Out
Once you have disconnected from the outside world it is time to put to paper your Manifestations. People find many different ways to do this, and you can pick which feels most true to you. Often, Manifestation is applied through mood boarding, we however find it the most natural to write it. Grab a notebook and just begin to let out your wants in detail. True life example: Our founder time and time again wrote of a small all white space, full of lush green plants, and good light in a warm place. She has now found herself relocated to Los Angeles in just such a space, which came on her radar at a time when she had put a pause on thoughts of making any moves. She realized she had Manifested this, and took the leap. It seems so simple, yet the similarities between the two are so aligned it’s almost scary.
Writing these thoughts down also helps as a reference when you are feeling inundated with the outside world and its attempts to sway you in other directions. No one said this process was a piece of cake.

Call To Action
One of the most difficult parts of Manifesting is that there is an element of change that needs to be applied for this to work. Clearly, these things are still wants and not realities for a reason. It’s possible that you are stuck in a toxic relationship, and this is why you have been unable to make healthy, positive moves for yourself. Removing yourself will be difficult, but there is no way to move forward in your process without acting on these blocks. Being prepared to work for it will also let you know if it’s right for you or not.

One of the most strenuous parts of Manifesting is that not everything is going to happen immediately just because you put pen to paper. It is possible that the universe knows what’s right for you better than you do, and believe that it has your back. There has been plenty of times we ask for things, and time and time again find ourselves falling short of it. Then one day, it’s handed to us in a much more beautiful way than we ever could have illustrated ourselves. That’s just the funny thing about the universe.


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