Femme Feed | Oprah Won The Golden Globe’s When She Shared Her Wish For Girls

Oprah Won The Golden Globe’s When She Shared Her Wish For Girls.


The world’s eyes were trained on Hollywood tonight for the 2018 Golden Globe’s and not just for its usual tinsel town charades. A.K.A shit finally got real. With all that went on last year the industry feels like a kettle ready to boil over, and it seemed like the red carpet would be an appropriate place to do so. Leave it to Oprah however to bring tears to our eyes, inspiration to our hearts, and put a few big wigs in their places.

Oprah Winfrey was presented with the Cecil B Demille, an award that celebrates “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment” (not to mention outstanding contributions to all of our personal morale over the years). She took her moment at the mich. to stand by those who bravely spoke out against sexual predators, and thank the press who gave them a platform to speak from.

She reminded us that is it the press’s “insatiable dedication to uncovering the truth that keeps us from turning a blind eye to corruption and injustice.”
This ignited something in us as we heard her familiar, motivating voice come through our screens. In a world of paralyzing current events, fake news, and Twitter rants, women have used what can often toxify our lives to free themselves.

With the recent appearance of the Time’s Up initiative on social media to send the message that abuse in the workplace will no longer be tolerated, we could feel a big win approaching for women of Hollywood, one better than a trophy no less. We couldn’t help but hope that a trickle down effect would ensue. Actresses from all races, places, and ages stood in solidarity and clad in all black to unite against the abuse of power that has plagued their industry and our reality for far too long. “This is not a moment, it’s a movement,” said Eva Longoria of the initiative. With the turn out tonight, it very much feels she is right.

“Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.” Oprah went on to say. It resonates with us long after the lingering of her standing ovation — how proud we are of those in any industry, any situation who have found their voice and spoken their truth. After years of being molded and manipulated into sex symbols, shallow figures, and linear female stereotypes the women of Hollywood are finally taking back the microphone.  They  are setting the new standard for the girls who will follow. The impact the movie and TV industries have on the general public is no secret, but by addressing our suppression openly, and directly we can begin to act on change.

Vérité is the French word for truth, and here we promise to always share our truth’s with you, and be your platform if you are in need of telling your own story. Let’s not lose this momentum for a new day.


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